"Mike has a wealth of knowledge on Ashtanga second to none, i consider him an up and coming leading authority on the subject. If you are thinking of using him then grab him now whilst he's at a very affordable rate, he's more than worth the money to help you advance" PS


"In 2008 i accidentally bulged a disc in my lower spine. Following my accident i visited a physio, chiropractor, acupunturist and sports therapist. I ended up taking numerous pain killers and lost sleep on most nights due to the pain. In 2010 my sister recommended Mikes classes and i havent looked back. The weekly practice has helped me so much that i now never take painkillers nor do i lose sleep because of the pain. In addition to this Mikes yoga has helped me gain strength, flexibility and achieve relaxation and a meditative practice away from the stresses of the world! thanks mike!" SA


"As a current student of Mikes i wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone whether they are new to yoga or wanting to expand their practice. Not only is he a skilled, caring and authentic teacher but he lives and breathes yoga his integrity and passion shines" DR E R R


"Michael worked wonders as an Ashtanga teacher. He is very patient with even the most basic of beginners. Whilst doing the practice for a number of months i noticed remarkable changes in my flexibility i would not hesitate to recommend him" NM


"I am totally addicted to Mikes Ashtanga Yoga, i love the rhythm of the classes, the new ideas, new challenge in each class (just enough that i dont have to think too much and can enjoy the physical stretch) His instruction really makes me pick things up. I loved his workshop which was so beautifully arranged and taught me much more about the art of yoga rather then just the physical fitness, it was a fabulous day. I have absolute trust and admiration in his art and physical power. Thankyou for enhancing my life Mike" NT


"Mike offers a relaxed and welcoming class environment. Over the last 18 months my technique has improved immensely with his guidance. His popularity is reflected in high attendance at the Virgin Active classes which regularly contain a mix of new and experienced practitioners. Regardless of ability Mike is there to assist you in personal development" CB


"Mike is an intuitive yoga teacher. As a result of joining his classes i was able to identify that i had previously reached a plateau with my practice. Now i feel though my potential is being unlocked once again" SH