Class Descriptions

The following provides you with a brief explanation of the classes currently offered at Yoga Cheadle.


All Levels Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

This is a guided class of abridged versions of the primary series sequence of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga which includes the sun salutations, all the standing postures, selected seated postures up to & after Navasana (Boat pose), backbends & selected postures from the finishing sequence concluding with relaxation.


This class is perfect for those who are after a more dynamic & physically demanding challenge with options and modifications given for each pose allowing you to experience the practice in a safe & controlled manner. (This class is not suitable for absolute beginners)    


Slow Vinyasa Yoga 

Slow Vinyasa Yoga are sequences of simple therapeutic Yoga postures which gently flow together. The class structure is influenced around the yin/yang philosophy the first part of the class been more active yang (active) via practicing the sun salutations and simple standing postures which are slowly linked together which helps to generate heat and strength within the core, lower & upper body.


The second part been more yin (soft) with the focus been on creating stillness and suppleness using blocks, blankets & bolsters to place the body in a soothing & restorative position to help cultivate a sense of peace & relaxation. These classes are suitable and available for all levels of ability including beginners.


6 Week Absolute Beginners Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Course 

During this course Mike will explain the basic & foundational elements of the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice which consists of the correct breathing technique (ujjayi breathing), vinyasa (breath to movement) & correct eye gazing points (known as drishti). The course will cover a 15/20 minute "warm-up" sequence devised by Mike to help open the hips, hamstrings & lower back alongside introducing and explaining the essential postures such as downward facing dog, upward facing dog & chaturanga (press up position)


By the end of the course each student will have had experience and understanding on how to move through an abriged version of the primary series sequence covering the sun salutations A & B, all of the standing postures & selected seated postures up to Navasana (boat pose) alongside simple back bending & the last 3 finishing postures & relaxation.