Class Descriptions

The following provides you with a brief explanation of the classes currently offered at Yoga Cheadle.


Slow Vinyasa Yoga 

Slow Vinyasa Yoga are sequences of simple therapeutic Yoga postures which gently flow together. The class structure is influenced around the yin/yang philosophy the first part of the class been more yang (active) via practicing the sun salutations and simple standing postures which are slowly linked together which helps to generate heat and strength within the core, lower & upper body.


The second part been more yin (soft) with the focus been on creating stillness and suppleness using blocks, blankets & bolsters to place the body in a soothing & restorative position to help cultivate a sense of peace & relaxation. These classes are suitable and available for all levels of ability including beginners.


Mat Based Pilates

Mat based Pilates is a holistic conditioning method created by Josepth Pilates based upon the key principles of breathing, concentration, control, centring, precision & flow. Classes will be varied each week based upon modified versions of the traditional 34 exercises created by Josepth Pilates which are extremely beneficial in improving lower back pain, posture, balance, joint mobility, core strength & reduced stress levels.           


6 Week Absolute Beginners Yoga Course 

The 6 week absolute beginners course is designed to introduce the basic elements of the Yoga practice in a relaxed & friendly environment with each class covering correct breathing alongside simple seated & standing postures designed to improve suppleness, strength & relaxation.


The small group setting (maximum of 12 people) helps to ensure that Mike can provide assistance to each persons alignment and technique. 


Modifications & alternatives are always given and rest is encouraged whenever needed. The aim of the course is to provide more confidence in continuing to enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice.   .