Slow Vinyasa Yoga 

Sequences of simple therapeutic postures which gently link breath and movement together through sun salutations, simple standing postures, core and upper body strengthening which cultivate heat and energy in a controlled and safe manner . 


Mat Based Pilates 

An Holistic conditioning method created by Joseph Pilates based upon the key principles of breathing, concentration, control, centring, precision and flow. Extremely beneficial in improving lower back pain, posture, balance, joint mobility and stress management  


Restorative Yoga  

Places the body into a deeply relaxing position (often using bolsters, blocks & blankets) that helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which can help us to restore a sense of balance to our often very busy & hectic lives. 


Yin Yoga 

Involves placing the body into deep static stretches (held for 3-5 minutes) practiced from either a seated or lying down position that help to stimulate the deeper connective tissues & fascia that can be very powerful in releasing tension to the hips, hamstrings and lower spine a perfect compliment to more active forms of exercise.